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Residential Solar Systems and Services

Considering a solar system for your business?

Considering a solar system for your home?

With our residential solar financing programs, Solar 2000 is able to provide some of the most affordable solar electric and hot water systems in the state of Florida and the Central Florida Area. If you live in Florida, you may also be eligible for state and federal grants, rebates, and tax incentives that may pay for a lot of what you purchase! Investing in solar energy can actually help you to save money and save the environment!

We use the newest solar technology to build scalable systems that perform better and last longer than the older, traditional systems. Our main application for residential solar systems is to offset your energy use from the power company. This will reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the cost of power for your home for many years to come.

We design, install and service residential solar attic ventilation systems, solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, energy saving window film, attic fans, thermostats, variable speed pool pumps and more. We have an affordable solar or energy-efficient solution for most every homeowner and for your budget.

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Solar Electric Power Systems for Your Home

At Solar 2000, our solar electric systems make use of the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in the solar industry today. This allows home owners to produce up to 100% of their electric requirements all while utilizing the sun’s free, renewable and clean energy. It’s a good solution for the environment and great for your budget!

Residential Solar Power Benefits

  • Lock in the cost of electricity - avoid the rising costs of electric power from utility companies
  • Obtain tax credits and rebates - lots of tax credits and rebates on solar power systems are available to home owners
  • Sell power back to the utility - in many states, you can sell your excess power back into the grid
  • Generate clean power - power from the sun produces no pollution or emissions
  • Gain power independence - rely completely on your own generating capacity, and not on a utility company
  • Ensure reliable power - enjoy uninterrupted power to your home during power outages
  • Low maintenance - solar panels have no moving parts and are very low maintenance

The environmental benefits of solar power are indisputable. Electricity generated from the sun produces no harmful emissions or pollutants. By installing solar panels, you can directly contribute to the repair and preservation of the environment by producing your own clean power.

With a "grid-tie" solar power system by Solar 2000, you can supplement your power needs with electricity from a local utility when the solar power system is not supplying enough power (at night), and sell excess electricity back to the local utility when the PV system is generating more energy than you need to power your home.

For locations that are "off-grid", with no access to existing power lines, a Solar 2000 power system can be ideal for powering water pumps, electric fences, as well as entire homes, while avoiding the cost to extend power lines to new locations.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are environmentally friendly and can now be installed on your roof to blend with the architecture of your house. Solar hot water systems -- also called solar water heaters -- are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home or business. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use -- sunshine -- is free.

Solar heating can reduce a home's energy consumption by as much as half. Most people don't realize that on average, 15-20% of the average family's energy consumption is for heating water for laundry, dishes, showers and baths.

Solar hot water replaces your energy consumption with clean, free energy from the sun.

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Energy Saving Packages

Reduce your energy usage even more with some of our energy saving packages that can include:

  • Window Film
  • Attic Fans
  • Electronic Thermostats
  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps
  • And more

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