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Commercial Solar Systems and Services

Considering a solar system for your business?

Considering a solar system for your business?

Truly going green in our eyes is making a sound business decision that financially makes sense and is an over all benefit to the company and to the environment. Choosing a solar electric system foryour business is that smart business investment for you. Installing a solar electric system on your business roof top allows you to save money on monthly electric bills and conduct a business that has truly gone green.

With our commercial solar financing programs, Solar 2000 is able to provide some of the most affordable solar electric and hot water systems in the state of Florida. If you live in Florida, youmay also be eligible for state and federal grants, rebates, and tax incentives that may pay for a lot of what you purchase! Investing in solar energy can actually help you to save money and save the environment!

We design, install and service commercial attic ventilation systems, solar thermal systems, solarphotovoltaic (PV) panels, energy saving window film, attic fans, thermostats and more. We have an affordable solar or energy-efficient solution for most every business and a solution that meetsyour budget and saves you money.

Contact Solar 2000 for more information or sign up for our free solar evaluation to find out about what we can do to help you lower your bottom line and save money with your business.

Our Commercial Solar Power Systems can Include

On Grid Solar System:

On grid solar systems use your current utility provider to store your excess solar power that is produced during the day. Then at night when there is no sun to produce solar power you pull the same power you previously stored back through your meter into your home to use. If this is done with a time of use (TOU) meter you can actually sell the power during the day when your solar system is producing the majority of the power at peak rates and then buy it back at night at a low rate essentially accomplishing the process of selling high buying low.

Grid Tie with Battery Back-Up:

A grid tie with a battery back-up system is the same as an on grid system as described above, butit has a small battery back-up attached to it. The battery back-up is an additional option for yoursolar system but an option that protects you against blackouts for a short period of time. It is trulyn essence a hybrid system. The main benefit of a grid tie with a battery back-up solar system is being able to operate your business while the rest of the city is in complete darkness.

Off Grid:

An off grid solar system is an option for a business that operates in an area where no power lines are available or power lines are far from location and the power utility company charges additional upfront fees to provide the electricity. This type of system can provide peace of mind to businessesthat pay large fees for electricity in these locations and have the stress of relying heavily on others for a daily essential.

Web based monitoring

All of our commercial solar systems come with the option of web based monitoring so you can have access to your system all the time.

Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water is a simple upgrade that businesses can make to protect themselves from rising energy costs. A Solar 2000 installed solar hot water system can provide between 50-90% of a businesses annual domestic hot water FREE from the sun.

This makes it one of the most cost effective ways to save money on your energy bill and also reduce your businesses carbon footprint and help save the environment. It is also a smart business choice given all the tax incentives and rebates that are being offered for solar hot water and electric systems for businesses.

Solar hot water replaces your energy consumption with clean, free energy from the sun.

Sign up for a free solar evaluation or Contact us today to find out how we can help your business save money with a solar hot water system.

Energy Saving Packages for your Business

Reduce your businesses energy usage even more with some of our energy saving packages that can include:

  • Window Film
  • Attic Fans
  • Electronic Thermostats
  • And more

Sign up for a Free solar evaluation or Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money with a solar energy saving package.