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About Solar 2000 LLC

Why go with a Solar 2000 installed Solar Solution?

Why go with a Solar 2000 installed Solar Solution?

James Joyce, a native of Sanford, Florida, has been drilling water wells for over 25 years for his family business, Dick Joyce Well Drilling, Inc., which was established in 1969. His first experience with solar power was installing solar powered wells for cattle ranchers across Central Florida. Along with water wells, James began to drill geothermal wells and his love for the environment and renewable energy took off. James is the Co-Owner of Dick Joyce Well Drilling, Inc. and in 2011 he decided to open Solar 2000, LLC. His goal is to save families and businesses money on their electricity bills, while helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. James and Kortney have two sons, Logan and Dawson. The Joyce family has a great love for animals, they have two labs, Luke and Malachi, three cats, and have been known to feed a duck or two if they land on their pool deck. The entire Joyce family has a love for the water and the environment and spends most free time fishing, boating, kayaking or surfing.

James’ background is not only in well drilling and solar energy, he also has an extensive construction background. He holds a water well and geothermal well drilling license (St. Johns Water Management CVC 7256). He is a licensed certified solar contractor (CVC 56897) and has his residential contractor’s license (Certified Residential Contractor CRC1330785).

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the world of Solar Energy.

James and Kortney

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