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Considering a solar power system for your home, business?
Financing Available.


solar system for Home

With our residential solar financing programs, Solar 2000 is able to provide some of the most affordable solar electric and hot water systems in the state of Florida and the Central Florida Area...


solar system for business

Truly going green in our eyes is making a sound business decision that financially makes sense and is an overall benefit to the company and to the environment...


Financing your solar system

Financing the costs associated with purchasing a solar energy system from solar 2000 is easier than ever using our no or low interest finance solutions. The purchase may even be tax deductible…

Why Go Solar?

If low electricity bills, 30% tax credit and environment protections are your thing, then you have every reason to go Solar. With our state-of-the-art solar panel solutions, not only are you getting the highest return on investment, the U.S government offers a 30% tax credit (If you are eligible) on the cost of your Solar System.

The Question is not about why you should go solar, it’s “Why not?”

Increase Your Property Value

It is a fact that homes equipped with Solar Photovoltaic Systems are able to resell at a considerably higher price compared to homes without solar power. The number and quality of solar panels installed can considerably increase the value and marketability of your home.


Considering a solar power system for your home, business?
Financing Available.

Project Gallery

Pictures of some completed professionally designed and installed Solar 2000 projects

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